Watch Etiquette: Six Tips on How and When to Wear a Watch

With so many stylish choices available from bold, modern models with a technical twist to the more classic and refined option, it can be confusing how to match your favourite time piece to the right occasion.

Today, it is mostly acceptable to wear a watch in almost any social occasion as part of a sophisticated ensemble. However, like any kind of dress code, there is a considered etiquette associated with wearing a wrist watch.

Here are the main things to keep in mind to make sure that your watch meets all style requirements:

1. Getting the right fit

A watch too loose can disappear down the arm, hindering the wrist watch’s functionality. A watch too tight? Uncomfortable to wear. A man’s watch should primarily be easy to wear, with ladies opting for a bracelet like fit. If adjustments are needed to be made, watch sellers and shops are keen to help customers find the right fit. They will happily remove or add links to a metal watch or adjust a leather strap in keeping with customer preferences.

2. Decide where on the body to wear it

There is no considered wrong or right to where you should wear your watch. Simply, it should be the part of the wrist you find most comfortable. Most people opt for the opposite arm that they write with so not to interfere with movements, but at the end of the day it is up to you.

3. The everyday watch

Classic rules apply to a watch you would wear everyday- the simpler the watch the more appropriate it is for all occasions. A plain black leather strap with a simple silver face is truly versatile for almost any situation. A neutral, stainless steel option is also worth considering for a more durable approach.

4. The formal watch

For any important events, having a watch which is in keeping with the rest of your accessories or jewellery is recommended. A lady should always make sure her watch matches her necklace or bracelet and a man in sync with his cufflinks and tie pins. Precious metal watches with a discreet design are ideal as they hug the wrist under the cuffs of formal dress shirts, including French cuffs with cuff links.

5. The sports watch

A sports watch is where you can take it up a notch with both design and functionality. Created for sporting events such as diving, racing or the all singing and dancing all purpose watches, these are designed for a busy sporting environment. Wearing a sports watch with a suit is frowned upon by many a fashion expert so try to avoid making this fashion faux-pas.

6. Women’s watches as jewellery

Large faced watches are the easiest option for telling time, but for more sophisticated events a finer watch with a touch of sparkle is the right choice. If wearing other items of jewellery, wear on a different arm to avoid an overload of accessories. Designer and vintage style watches look best with the appropriate wardrobe to match.

Ultimately, the main consideration for those wearing a watch is comfort. Make sure that you are happy with your fit and style and you should be accessorised appropriately for most situations you will come across.

Do you have any further advice to share with the watch wearer?

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