How does a watch define a man’s personality?

With such a diverse range of time pieces to pick from, what makes a man choose his ideal mate in the world of watches, and what does it say about him?

The watch is more than an accessory. Unlike the ring or the chain, the watch involves complex engineering and craftsmanship. A man’s time is his own, and a time piece of unique grandeur demonstrates this fact.

A watch makes a bigger statement of a man’s class, style and life choices than any other item on his person. A man offers his hand upon meeting new clients and associates, and instantly represents and expresses himself through the statement that catches eyes which rests upon his wrist.  It also shows how much a person values a watch and whether they have an interest in horology.

Here’s a look at what a watch can indicate about a man’s personality-

Leather Strap Watch

1 5  J U L Y  2 0 1 4     6   3  O C E A   CanvaThe more practical man may opt for the leather strapped watch, for a closer fit that moulds to his wrist providing comfort and security for his active lifestyle. A reliable man who values consistency, tradition and timelessness, he values iconic styles and likes a watch to be a one size fits all, versatile enough to work with any kind of outfit or occasion.

Pocket Watch

A man who opts for a pocket watch rather than a wrist watch is one which values heritage and oozes sophistication. To some they may seem eccentric, but they respect vintage style and are prone to sentimentality. Their pocket watch may or may not be a family heirloom, but they take great care in all of their belongings and value quality not quantity.



Polished, professional and sensible, a man that chooses a chronograph wants their timepiece to go above and beyond the ordinary, with clever functionality and expertly crafted movements. Most likely to be paired up with a two piece suit, a pocket square and some perfectly polished shoes.

Digital Watch

A digital watch wearer wants a watch for getting them from A to B and admires reliability above Swiss movements. Concerned with ease and efficiency, this is a man that needs a watch to serve its purpose and not to get in the way of a hectic, fast paced life. Most likely a man belonging to the younger age bracket, he lives and breathes technology. Likely to follow trends and fashion, this man is not looking for a lifelong investment but the latest watch on the market, last seen on the arm of a top fashion blogger.

The Michel Herbelin Customer

 photo Maninchair-heacuteritage.jpg
Every piece created by Michel Herbelin is unique, just like the wearer. The man who wears such an individual piece takes pride in his stature, he is a reliable gent with organisational skills to match his personal and professional success. He does not settle for second best, and he constantly strives to better himself.

Whatever your watch preference, make sure it is a considered choice that reflects who you are.

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