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In the world of watches, forums are still the place to be for the latest news and insider knowledge. Where social media has been offering an outlet for watch related discussion in recent years, attention has never detracted from watch forums as they continue to go from strength to strength.

Watch collectors and enthusiasts love to share their latest investment, or when they are not showing off their latest pride and joy, are on hand to offer priceless advice to others before looking to make a considerable purchase. Undeniably a valuable resource for anyone; regardless of whether you are buying your first or tenth wrist watch, we take a look at the some of the biggest and busiest watch forums which have long created a buzz online.




What other way to start off a top watch forum list than with the world’s most visited watch forum site. Europe based the forum has an impressive 13,855 active members, 982,586 threads and 7,866,527 posts. If you don’t feel too overwhelmed by these rather significant numbers, you’ll find approachable members on hand in each of the specific threads- broken down into specific brands, news sections and sales corners where you can feast your eyes on some second hand gems. If you like to keep up to date with what is happening at Baselworld during its annual convention, then Watchuseek is the ideal place to go.

Watch Talk Forums



Another highly active forum is Watch Talk, which does exactly as the name suggests. The Beginners Forum is a great place for any horologist in training to pick up some tips without starting off in the deep end. Threads are once again broken down by brand, but also in this case by country/ area of origin, meaning that if you have a penchant for Swiss watches for example, you can quickly find where you need to divert your attention to.


TZ UK Forums


Simple and to the point, TZ-UK offers a smaller amount of threads meaning that there is a good sense of community in this particular watch forum. Their most popular topic is “watch talk”, an open thread without heavy regulation where you can discuss all things watches and accessories. Please be aware that if you are wanting to use this forum for sales purposes, your post count needs to be more than 50 and you will need to have been active for more than 60 days.

Watch Freeks

Watch Freeks


The Watch Freeks forum positions itself as being an outlet on discussion for enthusiasts. They occasionally have competitions and contests, so you never know what you might come away with as a Watch Freek user. There are thousands of topics to become immersed in, and once you’ve registered you will be able to access the gallery, where you are bound to cast your eyes on some unusual models you never even knew existed!

Vintage Watch Forums

Vintage Watch Forums • Index page


A must visit for anyone interested in vintage watches. If you are an owner of older models which you just can’t bear to part with, then you might be able to benefit from information from experts on where to purchase hard to find parts or even hunt down professionals to carry out repairs.

Our top five give you a taster of the watch forums out there- take your time to find one that offers you the information and guidance you want, and at the same time makes you feel at home.

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