Standing The Test of Time: The Five Most Beautiful Clocks in the World

No matter where you go, you always need to keep track of time. Before watches became an everyday essential, the clock tower situated in the heart of a town or settlement was where people would come together and be informed of upcoming events in the community.

Today with the increasing reliance on watches and smartphones as our time telling devices of choice, attitudes towards these impressive clocks have changed. Built with amazing architecture, beautiful lines and materials of the highest quality, instead of being purely practical, clocks have become recognised works of arts and landmarks worldwide.

We take a look at five famous larger than life clocks which have caught our eye.

1. Big Ben, UK


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Often described as the world’s most famous clock, Big Ben has to be top of the list. A symbol of Britain found at the heart of the government buildings of Westminster Palace, Big Ben has stood the test of time. Having been built in 1858, Big Ben is still holding its own finding itself in the top three tallest clock towers in the world.

 2.Prague Orloj, Czech Republic


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The stunning Orbloj found in central Prague, Czech Republic is the oldest astronomical clock still working in the world. First installed in 1410, the clock pulls in big crowds as one of the city’s main attractions. The clock even features “The Walk of the Apostles” an hourly clockwork show of figures of the Apostles and other moving sculptures.

3.The Saviour Tower Moscow, Russia


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Red Square in Moscow is guarded by the impressive tower 10 story tower of Spasskaya Frolovskaya. The clock tower was designed in 1491 by Italian architect Pietro Antonio Solari and used for ceremonial processions. Later updated in 1851 with the addition of a five-pointed star, today it is illuminated both day and night with the star rotating like a weathervane.

4. Zytglogge, Switzerland


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Over 800 years old, this medieval structure has held many purposes and is much more than just a clock face, having served the city as guard tower, prison, clock tower, centre of urban life and a civic memorial. An astronomical dial, a frieze with ancient Greek gods and a facade with Roman numerals makes this clock a sight to behold.

5.  Floral Clock, Ontario, Canada


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For something completely different this floral clock situated close to the awe inspiring Niagra Falls is regularly maintained with 16, 000 carpet bedding plants to upkeep its visual appeal. The floral designs are changed twice a year in keeping with the seasons. The clock is not only beautiful to look at, but pleasant on the ears, the tower at the back of the clock houses Westminster chimes that greet each quarter hour.

Which clock is top of your list to visit?

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