Made in France: Saying Oui to France’s Prestigious Products

What is “Made in France”?


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Seeking to preserve the heritage and prestige of French brands, and simultaneously encouraging the growth of the country’s fluctuating employment rates, France has been keen to back the purchase of locally made goods to its residents.

France, despite being Europe’s second largest economy has experienced an industrial decline as a result of the recession like most other countries.

Keen to act accordingly to promote patriotic consumer habits and help self contain production and spending power within its boundaries, the “Made in France” campaign was born. Founded by Francois Hollande, the current French president, the drive asks consumers to forgo cheaper imports and greater product choice if it means more of their countrymen keep their jobs.

What influence has the campaign had?

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Although having received great support from public figures and those with great pride in their heritage, French goods, renowned for their excellence, are not always the cheapest option. Typically, choosing French merchandise as a lifetime investment or as an indulgent treat is the esteemed choice, but not an everyday option that most can afford. One year on from the campaign’s launch, it has been revealed that living the “Made in France” lifestyle costs €300 more per month.

Electronics and textiles may never be able to compete with low cost imports, but along with some of France’s most prominent and recognised brands, Michel Herbelin has played a part in “Made in France” campaign.

As quality watchmakers founded on the back of years of French watch making expertise, Michel Herbelin was delighted to see Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg on the cover of Le Parisien’s magazine, promoting all things French. Proudly wearing a Michel Herbelin watch, the cover was a huge success for the “Made in France” campaign, with the Newport watch consistently a best seller in its native country.

Despite French products often being out of reach in everyday life, support is still well received. Co-founder Alix D’achelette of Agence Esprit des Sens, a public relations company specialising in brands that are made in France, believes that,

“The French art of living, French values and savoir-faire have overwhelming support, more so than ever, and not just within this country but abroad as well. Made in France has become a key talking point among the French in recent times, as people are becoming more and more concerned about keeping their traditions”

Offering more than to just the French


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It isn’t only the French that can benefit from such domestically made products however, with superior, expertly made goods from neighbours across the channel sure to add a little luxury to even the most British of lifestyles.

With brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, L’Oreal and Evian amongst France’s impressive roster, it can be certain that many of us with the bank balance to match wouldn’t need much encouragement to make a purchase from any of these high quality brands.

A French product from a recognised brand such as Michel Herbelin will be created with innovation and quality at its heart, and will be guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment for generations to come.

“Made in France” is a great example of how to promote internal growth and pride in your country. Is this something you would like the British government to put into place?

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