How to prevent watches getting caught on sleeves


There are plenty of little gripes that we often have to endure in order to get the look that we want. How many times have you had a piece of jewellery snag on the neckline of your favourite jumper? Have you ever had to rethink your whole ensemble because of an accessory that you just can’t resist?

Minor fashion issues like this aren’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but they can often put a dampener on your day or irritate you when you just don’t need it.

One such fashion problem relates to watches. Seen more than a necessity, today they are favoured amongst the fashion conscious as personal statements of sorts. Like any kind of accessory, watches can sometimes create problems, such as getting your wristwatch caught on your sleeve jacket.

Though it is only a small inconvenience, it’s an inconvenience that many watch wearers experience and try to deal with in their day to day lives and routines. A watch snagging and getting caught on your sleeve isn’t just fantastically annoying to try and deal with, but it can also lead to unnecessary tears in your clothes and threads unravelling.

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Why does my watch keep getting caught in my sleeve jacket?

What’s the cause of wristwatch snags and how can people get around the problem? Changes in clothing styles have contributed to the problem in some ways. Nowadays, fashion leans toward the closer cut and the tighter, so many people find that their sleeves fit more snugly. Slim-fit clothing and larger watches don’t go very well together; if your watch band is quite thick and your sleeves quite tight then the watch is going to catch on your clothes regularly.

What can I do to prevent it happening?

There are a few solutions that should help you to comfortably wear your watch with your favourite outfits.

One option is to combine the wearing of looser fitting clothes and slimmer, smaller watch designs to reduce the risk of snagging. This can be particularly useful for female fashion enthusiasts as women tend to wear watches with smaller faces and thinner straps, and there are plenty of perfect designs such as our 1925, Espirit Art Deco Strap range that combines the useful time keeping nature of the watch with the elegance of a fashionable bracelet.

However, if you have a particular favourite watch that you don’t want to part with then there are other adjustments that you can make; this is particularly true for men who tend to favour larger watches and have more limited fashion choices.

For example, if you are a man and want to wear your watch with a suit shirt and jacket, a simple solution is to wear the watch over the shirt sleeve and under the jacket sleeve. If you have to remove the jacket, just remember to take the watch into account and be more careful when manoeuvring your arms out of the holes. It might take a bit of practice to refine your technique, but if you work at it enough you should find that any snagging problems are much easier to deal with.

Generally there is no easy fix when it comes to preventing your watch from snagging on your sleeve; mostly it just takes a little common sense and a few minor style adjustments for life to be that much simpler.

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