Behind the scenes at the Michel Herbelin watchmaking factory

behindthescenesPrecision, reliability and perfection have long been founding principles on which Michel Herbelin watches have been crafted, part of the great watchmaking tradition which has been handed down from generation to generation.

Today, each Michel Herbelin watch is made with the meticulous precision of master craftsmen in the Michel Herbelin factory in Charquemont France, combining innovative technologies and the creative spirit of French elegance.

We go behind the scenes to discover how the Michel Herbelin watch collections you have come to know and love are made, taking you on a step by step process.

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History of Divers’ Watches

Today a divers’ watch is a classic choice on the arm of any stylish gentleman, with its distinctive mechanical features and striking dials making it an easily recognisable model. Acknowledged for its practicality and as an esteemed fashion choice, its main selling point of impressive underwater resistance often comes as an added extra, not necessarily because people are using them to dive on an everyday basis.


Originally designed with underwater diving in mind, the dive watch typically has a minimum water resistance of 100m or 330ft, which modern technology and innovation is currently improving upon year on year. Naturally, creating a timepiece with water resistance capabilities has taken a great deal of skill and craftsmanship, which has been a work in progress since the 17th Century.

We take a look at the history of the dive watch, one of the most popular sports models around.

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Wrist Watch Trends for SS14

Spring Watches

Updated trends are everywhere with summer around the corner, and the watch industry is no different. Styles have evolved to meet demands of brighter and hotter days, meaning watches are adaptable enough to cope with a day in the boardroom and a night at the beach.

We take a look at the key trends for watches this summer season.

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BaselWorld 2014 Review

Hailed as the world’s biggest and most important event in the watch and jewellery sector, this year BaselWorld once again exceeded expectations as the ultimate meeting place and trend- setting scene for all those involved in the industry. With over 150,000 representatives, from exhibiting companies to buyers and journalists from every continent, Michel Herbelin was honoured to be one of the leading brands showcasing the latest innovations, trends and styles.




Citizen Stand Image Credit

As the conference opened, Mr Rene Kamm, CEO of MCH Switzerland, (the company that owns Baselworld) was confident that this year’s edition would be characterised by new features, innovations and trends, and the eight days of exhibiting which was to follow proved him right. But it wasn’t all “in with the new”. “New vintage” style models popped up from many brands, catering to watch lovers who wish to experience some truly classic and timeless designs combined with modern movements and case construction.

Having spoken with the leading journalists in the industry including WatchPro, a key trend was that the ever popular rose gold is sticking around for the near future, so be prepared to see even more of this style popping up in the windows of luxury brands and high street stores alike.



Graff Stand Image Credit

As always stands were jaw dropping and exquisitely designed to reflect the quality of the watches being showcased inside; beautiful booths the size of small houses were present throughout. Having visited the Citizen stand we were left in awe by its breath-taking night sky look. At first glance you would easily believe that the suspended light reflecting spindles were decorative objects, but upon closer inspection they remarkably turned out to be parts of watch movements.

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Double Strap Watch Edit

Watch trends are bringing double the fun with the popularity of double strap watch styles; your watch band is just as much about fashion as functionality. Watches with longer straps are designed to be worn wrapped round the wrist, using high quality leather straps made to be seen.

Working in harmony with the arm party trend, a double strap watch is the perfect addition for anyone wanting to bring together watches and jewellery for a high fashion look. Alternatively, it can be a worn as a timeless statement piece, versatile enough to work with casual and formal attire alike.

Originally inspired by the Cape Cod Hermes watch, today the double strap watch style is a staple for every self-confessed watch lover. A celebrity favourite, the double strap watch has been spotted on the arms of Princess Beatrice, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon to name a few.

Michel Herbelin Double Strap Edit

Here are some of the double strap models from the 5th Avenue collection by Michel Herbelin, all currently available at

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Why are Clocks and Watches Always Set to 10.10 in Advertisements?

There are certain, small details apparent in everyday life that we never really notice, and we would quite happily carry on living in blissful ignorance of these small, insignificant details. However, there’s always some smart Alec who likes to point them out and the fact that no, we hadn’t noticed before, then plagues our conscious.

Worse still, if there’s an unanswerable question attached – “why is it that round pizzas are served in square boxes?” – we’re left puzzled for days. Such is the case with the following: In advertisements for clocks and watches, why is the time displayed almost always ten past ten? In fact, this is widely the default factory setting display for all clocks, watches and timepieces.



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Michel Herbelin around the World

Michel Herbelin is proud of its French heritage, relying heavily on the fine watch making traditions founded by highly skilled, famous watchmakers of the country past and present. An appetite for the expertly made watches transcends further than the brand’s native country, with markets internationally taking a great interest in the products. Michel Herbelin are proud to be expanding geographically on an ongoing basis.

With different cultures comes different tastes and style preferences. We take a look at what is happening with the Michel Herbelin brand around the world.


France is famous for its style credentials, and the Michel Herbelin fans are as fashion forward as you would expect. Bloggers choose classic styles which act as the perfect finish to any outfit, making them suitable for the strolling through the charming Parisian streets.

Chic, yet functional, Michel Herbelin is a firm favourite in its native country. For those wishing to experiment with fashion, the French microsite showcasing one of the country’s key styles, the Antarès Interchangeable, lets you choose a style to match your personality traits. Which one will you choose? Don’t forget to press the translate button if French isn’t your strong point.


Image: The Parisian Hipster

 Key Styles: Newport Yacht Club, Antarès Interchangeable

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Men’s Watch Style Guide

Looking for a watch but unsure about what is out there? Choosing the right watch is a process which requires consideration; with watches it is not the case of “one style fits all”.

Being knowledgeable about the different styles of watches is a great place to start when looking for your perfect wrist watch. A style classifies the design elements of a particular watch, and with watches ranging from all singing, all dancing to the practical and understated, it is important to classify watches so buyers have a clear picture of what they are getting.

Here’s what you need to know about three of the most popular watch styles.

Dress Watch

Dress imageDress watches are a popular choice of watch, typically worn with formal attire. The height of the case is designed to be thin in order to sit comfortably below a cuff of a shirt, a suit jacket or coat sleeve.

Traditionally complications are not a widely found feature, with a central seconds or second sub dial present if any. Hour markers will be indices, Roman numerals, or Arabic numerals. In order to be a functional and sophisticated choice, the watch will have a leather band instead of a bracelet and come in conservative colours- dials are usually black, silver or white and straps are either black or brown.

In keeping with the recent trend where the size of watches has been growing steadily, dress watches are now mostly 42mm and under, with most between 36-40mm.


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