Newport Yacht Club Skeleton Auto Limited Edition

Own a little piece of history…

This season Michel Herbelin have produced two very special watches to celebrate Newport Yacht Club – part of the flagship Newport collection. Inspired by the America’s Cup and the race to Newport, Rhode Island, Newport has been an integral part of Michel Herbelin’s iconic collection since 1988.

These two watches are feats of engineering achievement made in the historic image of Newport but with an incredible elegance and modern feel.

The fully open dial and transparent case of the Newport Yacht Club Skeleton (model 1655/SQ11) enables an unadulterated view, front and back, of the ruby studied 11 ½ SW200 Sellita Swiss Skeleton movement, generating 28,800 oscillations per hour and with a power reserve of 38 hours. The dial detailing echoes the portholes of transatlantic sailing ships.

Newport Yacht Club

The Open Heart window showing the 11 ½ SW200 Swiss automatic movement of this second timepiece fits delicately into the mother of pearl dial (model 1655/CO19). The case back again is transparent keeping the view of the movement open to the wearer.

Newport Yacht Club Open Heart

With both models only being made in a limited edition of 100 and each piece individually numbered, this is a rare opportunity to own your very own part of Michel Herbelin history.


Antares Interchangeable – The watch that changes with you

With every watch purchase comes the fear that the style and colour you choose will not stand the test of time.  The colour of the leather strap or type of metal on the bracelet is carefully considered to avoid clashing with regularly worn items of jewellery.  As a result of this, it requires a hint of daring to opt for something more unusual if it is to become a staple item.

Michel Herbelin watch

The Antares Interchangeable watch from Michel Herbelin


The Antares watch comes with an innovative connecting system that enables the wearer to click and lock their existing strap or bracelet in two easy steps to remove and replace with an alternative in a few seconds.  This means that the watch strap can be regularly changed without taking it into an expert fitter – allowing it to adapt and change with you.




Single and double wraparound leather straps and bracelet

Single and double wraparound leather straps and bracelet

There are around 30 different coloured leather straps available in soft smooth calf skin leather, crocodile or lizard, suede or shiny gloss finish.  They are also available in single and double wrap around lengths.  If leather is not to your taste, there are bracelets in a variety of metal finishes with the same click and lock fixing, allowing them to be worn in the same way.

This watch is a fusion of fashion and practicality.

Antares Interchangeable with blue satin double length strap

Available to order online

or from any official Michel Herbelin stockist

The Matterhorn: Watch Testing In The Extreme

John Peck

John Peck

How many people can truly say they have tested their watch to it’s limits?  We spoke to real life adventurer, motivator and team building expert John Peck who has done precisely this in his incredible adventures to the four corners of the earth.  John has rowed from London-Paris in a whaler rowing boat (World Record holder), rowed across the Atlantic, climbed the Matterhorn, lead a student expedition to the Malaysian jungle and completed the Marathon Des Sables – 7 day/ 151 mile marathon race across the Sahara Desert!  Quite amazing by anyone’s standards. 

John says, “It is always impressive to see a film star sporting a good quality watch but I guess many of them will never get the chance to test them in action for real in seriously dangerous conditions where your life can be on the line any minute. Over the past ten years I have had the chance to really put what I consider to be one of the finest quality watches available from Michel Herbelin to the ultimate test in environments that could not be more testing – from temperatures of minus 45 degrees on the polar ice cap to + 45 degrees in the heart of the Sahara Desert.

The Matterhorn. Photo: John Peck

The Matterhorn. Photo: John Peck

Let’s start with what is probably one of the best-known mountains in the world – the Matterhorn – at just under 5000 metres – it has justifiably earned its image as the ‘killer mountain’.  On a climb like this, what you are looking for is a no nonsense, discrete watch that will not catch on your equipment ,and will withstand the occasional hand jamb or falling rock without immediately falling apart.  My Michel Herbelin watch proved to be just the job for this.” As you can imagine, a very experienced climber like John, has to trust the equipment around him as the implications of a failure in such extreme conditions could be catastrophic.

Matterhorn Early Morning view down into Zermatt. Photo: John Peck

Matterhorn Early Morning view down into Zermatt. Photo: John Peck

John explains that, “On a climb like the Matterhorn, timing is everything. To know when to turn back or continue to the summit can determine whether you will live or die. It is always great to know when tackling peaks like this, whilst there are many variables that you may not be able to control – a trusty watch will always be your friend and consistently feels good on your wrist – whether perched on the sheer rocks on the slopes of the Matterhorn or on the table in the Boardroom. Michel Herbelin ticks all those boxes for me – and , amazingly – at a price you can afford.”

John wears a Michel Herbelin Divers watch, with date function and luminous hour markers and hands. It is water resistant to 200 metres, but in his experience it will also withstands dramatic changes in air pressure and the odd knock from falling rocks!

Michel Herbelin Diver's watch model 12682/05B

Michel Herbelin Diver’s watch model 12682/05B

Click here to find out more about John Peck and his adventures

Any colour as long as it’s BLUE

Daniel Craig’s tux may have started it all, but now stores are racing to keep up with the demand for blue suits. Blue tones are also hot when it comes to gents timepieces this season.

When it comes to men’s suits, blue is cool – and hot – as high street retailers report the colour is the new go-to hue for men’s formal wear. For the first time in John Lewis’s 150 year history, blue suits are out-selling black ones nearly four to one: a blue suit is sold nearly every four minutes. The department store chain has expanded its blue suit range by 30 per cent this season in response to demand.

It is a similar story at Marks & Spencer, where blue suits started outselling black in the last year and doubled its range of blue suits in the same period. It now sells two blue suits for every black one.

“Generally, men are wearing colour again” said Charles McKenna, buying director at menswear chain Slaters. “Last year, various shades of grey became very popular. This year the cloth mills introduced blue in various shades, royal blue being extremely popular.

Actor Daniel Craig’s appearance in a midnight-blue tux in the 2012 Bond film Skyfall helped kick-start the trend.
Daniel Craig

Indeed, Craig favoured blue throughout the film. In one of the final scenes, Bond is wearing a navy coat with leather accents around the collar from designer, Billy Reid.  While 007’s coat was single breasted, Billy Reid made the same style in a double breasted version along with a Bond Peacoat which is still available to order.



As trends in timepieces closely follow fashion trends, blue tones are becoming an increasingly popular choice for men’s wristwear. Here is a look at our current favourites:-



36655-AN652014-copie-577x1024Newport Yacht Club Chronograph ref 36655/AN65

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With its striking blue PVD bezel and blue dial, the Newport Yacht Club Chrono is an imposing and practical timepiece. It has a soft blue calf strap with stitched sides     that will ensure comfort and durability.  RRP: £665









12270-BT15-553x1024Newport Trophy Bracelet Watch ref 12270/BT15

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From Michel Herbelin’s flagship NEWPORT collection, the Newport Trophy is a rugged, practical timepiece with a fresh and youthful vibe. The 39mm case is in stainless steel with a brushed gold PVD bezel. The blue lacquered dial has luminous indexes and hands for improved legibility in dark conditions. Water resistant to 10 ATM, this is the perfect watch for an active man with a spirit of adventure.  RRP: £585







1686-B15-578x1024Newport Yacht Club Automatic ref 1686/B15

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This version of the Newport Yacht Club watch has an AUTOMATIC movement so there is no battery to change. The watch is powered by the movement of the wrist. The beauty of this timepiece is in the top quality finishing. The Stainless Steel case and bracelet are finished to the highest possible standards creating a watch that feels as luxurious as it looks. The bold indexes on the dial are shaped to resemble the hull of a yacht. Coated with a luminous material, both the indexes and hands can be read in even the poorest light conditions. The dial is in a rich, midnight blue lacquered finish with the applied Newport Ship’s wheel logo at the 12 o’clock position. The Newport Yacht Club is a luxury watch with bold detailing which gives it a modern flair. RRP: £820




Sources:- The Independent on Sunday, 24 August 2014


Top 5 Watch Forums

howasummerbreakcanboostyourbusiness   Canva

In the world of watches, forums are still the place to be for the latest news and insider knowledge. Where social media has been offering an outlet for watch related discussion in recent years, attention has never detracted from watch forums as they continue to go from strength to strength.

Watch collectors and enthusiasts love to share their latest investment, or when they are not showing off their latest pride and joy, are on hand to offer priceless advice to others before looking to make a considerable purchase. Undeniably a valuable resource for anyone; regardless of whether you are buying your first or tenth wrist watch, we take a look at the some of the biggest and busiest watch forums which have long created a buzz online.

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How to use a chronograph watch


For those who demand a little more from a dress watch, a chronograph is a classic choice.  Whether you opt for something simple or sporty, you’ll benefit from precision timing and a stopwatch feature that will prove useful when you’re out training or want to cook your penne perfectly al dente.

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Michel Herbelin repairs and warranties guide

With each Michel Herbelin watch carefully hand made by expert watch makers, quality and durability is always kept in mind.

Michel Herbelin warranty

Made with precision and attention to detail at the Michel Herbelin factory in Charquemont France, each watch goes through rigorous testing before leaving the factory ensuring that Michel Herbelin’s high standards continue.

Containing Swiss movements, the interior workings of a Michel Herbelin watch are unique and complicated, and of the highest technical reliability. Founded on the principle of precision, Michel Herbelin believes a wrist watch should continue to be accurate and reliable throughout its lifetime.

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How does a watch define a man’s personality?

With such a diverse range of time pieces to pick from, what makes a man choose his ideal mate in the world of watches, and what does it say about him?

The watch is more than an accessory. Unlike the ring or the chain, the watch involves complex engineering and craftsmanship. A man’s time is his own, and a time piece of unique grandeur demonstrates this fact.

A watch makes a bigger statement of a man’s class, style and life choices than any other item on his person. A man offers his hand upon meeting new clients and associates, and instantly represents and expresses himself through the statement that catches eyes which rests upon his wrist.  It also shows how much a person values a watch and whether they have an interest in horology.

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Buying a watch online vs buying in store


Last year it was estimated that around 2 billion people are using the internet; long gone are the days of internet usage just for keeping in touch or having fun.  People are using the internet for browsing and buying everything online from groceries to cars.

Watches are no exception; people like the convenience of being able to look at the options and compare prices from their armchairs or even on the move, but with high end products such as good quality watches, is buying online as reliable as buying in store?

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