Importance of a Watch Service: Your Questions Answered

Like any investment you may make, a commitment doesn’t end once you’ve handed over the money for a new prized possession. Just like a car or the latest technology, an expertly crafted timepiece will have been finely engineered and to maximise its performance regular maintenance is required.

Some assume that if their watch is still ticking that everything is how it should be, however, this is not necessarily true. The day to day movement of parts can cause friction, leading to a deterioration in performance and a breakdown in the oil required for the smooth running of interior functions.

In order to safeguard the longevity of your investment, an interest and obligation is required from a watch owner in terms of regular maintenance, meaning that your watch stays dependable and enjoyable for not only you but generations to come. This is where a watch service is instrumental to the correct running of your time piece.

Watch Servicing

What does a watch service involve?

Watch Servicing

The intricate parts of a watch require regular attention. A common service for a watch should include a full clean, replacement of seals, addition of any required oils and a calibration depending on the age and condition of your watch and of course the discretion of those undertaking the service.

Your watch may be completely stripped in order to aid cleaning of the vital components and to allow worn parts to be replaced. The parts will then be reassembled, lubricated and tested, regulated and sealed back into its case. This takes a great deal of skill and patience, highlighting the amount of attention your watch should be receiving during a thorough service.

Having your watch regularly serviced, whether it is in full working order or not is important to limit the amount of more serious repair work which may be required in the future.

How often should a watch be serviced?

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The frequency of a watch service depends on the type of watch you own and also the amount of wear and tear it receives. The general rule of thumb is to aim for a full service every three to five years to keep your watch in full working order, perhaps more frequently if there is an ongoing problem.



Where can a watch be serviced?

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It is recommended to have your required service undertaken by the manufacturer of your watch- specialists will have a greater understanding of your watch’s functionality. They will be best placed to solve issues with any common irregularities associated with particular makes or models.

Most quality watchmakers such as Michel Herbelin will have their own in house workshop in which they pride themselves in being able to offer a first class service for any repair needs from an entire watch overhaul to a new battery or strap.

Play Your Part

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Maintaining the integrity of your watch is not just down to skilled watchmakers however. Looking after your watch on a day to day basis can greatly prolong the life of your wrist watch.

  • Follow manufacturers’ instructions and maintenance guidelines to get the most out of your investment.
  • Make sure to have your watch properly fitted to your wrist to prevent premature wear.
  • Where possible, avoid any situations where the watch could easily be damaged. Remove when playing sport or instances where the watch could easily receive impact.

Even though your watch may have been manufactured with the upmost care, breathe a new lease of life into your favourite watch with a regular service to make it go the extra mile.


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