Flying Through Time: The Future of The Watch

With an increasing reliance on smartphones from all generations as the principle method of time management, some have made predictions that the wrist watch may become obsolete in the future. When compared to other technological devices such as the camera or computer, the watch has been left behind. It is hard to deny that many modern watches do not look considerably different from their original models.


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So where does the future of the humble wrist watch lie? The epitome of luxury to many, providing a more reliable, subtle and simplistic approach than consulting a mobile phone or gadget, traditional, high quality wrist watches will always have their place. It is the more tech savvy relative, the digital watch that technology companies are eyeing up.

Join us as Michel Herbelin looks at future predictions for watch inventions, some which could change how we interact forever.

Smartphones Meet Wrist Wear

The smartphone. An ultimate essential in today’s world, most of us can’t live without it. But just how connected do you want to be? Acknowledging the power of the smartphone, some companies are looking to provide a convenient wrist wear extension which can control phones remotely. Most will continue the basic task of telling the time, while eliminating the need to remove your smartphone from your pocket or bag.

Digital watches can include thermometers, altimeters, world clocks, alarms- even calorie counters. The challenge is to offer these features without cluttering the screen. Here are the most anticipated digital watches which look to fuse these elements.



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As a market leader in the smartphone industry, it is no surprise that the iWatch has been creating a great deal of anticipation and speculation, expected to become available late next year. At present no one knows how the watch will unfold, but rumour has it that Apple has a team of around 100 designers working on “a wristwatch-like device that may perform some of the tasks now handled by the iPhone and iPad”.

Being able to deliver FaceTime, text messages, play music, GPS navigate, limited web browsing, take pictures, and maybe watch videos will all prove difficult on a small display, so it is expected that breakthrough voice command and recognition capability will be key to the iWatch reaching its true potential.

Apple will face stiff competition however, as Samsung already has its smart watch in development which may allow them to get ahead of the game. Sony and Google are also chasing their heels.


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Similar to eReaders, the Pebble is a smart watch with an e-ink screen which can be joined up to an iPhone or Android device. With its infinite amount of apps and watch faces, it is far more customizable than your regular watch.

Nike FuelBand


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For those wishing to measure their fitness with ease the Nike FuelBand is the latest wrist wear to look out for. A black band with an array of coloured lights works with your smartphone by measuring the energy you exert on a daily basis and sending it directly to your phone for review.

Watches are too classic, too significant and too embroiled in fashion to come near extinction; but the dawn of a new time keeping era may soon be upon us.

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