Everyday Places with No Concept of Time

Find yourself losing track of time on a regular basis? No matter how brilliant a time keeper you may be, there are instances where all of us find ourselves running a little behind schedule. Before you offer your apologies, you might not always be the one to blame. Clever marketers out there have taken advantage of a captive audience, removing all clocks so you lose sense of time; meaning that you spend more money and more time at their establishment.

Here are some places where unless you’ve brought your trusty wrist watch along for the ride, you’ll have no concept of the time whatsoever.

Las Vegas Casinos

Defrain-starsAs one of their sneaky tricks which aims to keep casino users laying down their money for as long as possible, casinos don’t place clocks on their walls. Combined with the lack of windows, day can quickly turn into night and a full bank account can quickly become an empty one. Don’t expect the dealer to keep track of time either- they aren’t allowed to wear a watch as part of their job.

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Department Stores

USA-NYC-MacysEver noticed how you easily lose track of time when browsing through your favourite department store? Department stores cleverly offer a convenient meeting point outside their store in the form of a large ornate clock, but once inside you’ll struggle to find anywhere that will tell you the time. Fifteen minutes of window shopping can quickly turn into an hour without you knowing much about it.

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165476922_65eef9dc5e_bWhere some traditional pubs have clocks on display as a focal point, they also are there to keep drinkers aware of closing time and last orders. Enter a dimly lit, preened and polished nightclub however and you will find a completely different situation. Designed to keep you drinking for as long as possible, not many nightclubs will have the time clearly visible.

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295646011_ca5bd14ea5_oIf you are splashing out on an expensive meal for a special occasion then you’ll want you to relax and enjoy your meal; not be rushed to get in and out as quickly as possible. That’s why many restaurants choose not to put clocks in their restaurants. Maybe you will stay a little longer, eat and drink a little more, and leave a bigger and better tip. What they don’t want you to know is how long it is taking for your food to get there.

Think about it, even fast food restaurants don’t have clocks despite operating in a very different fashion. Needing to get as many people through the door as possible, they don’t want people waiting around until their next appointment but you to grab and go.

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American Post Offices

10054822614_12a594c7c7_bThe US post office phased out clocks from their 37,000 retail branches, wanting people to focus on postal service and not the clock. Coincidently, long queues were infamous at this time, suggesting that this was really a clever trick to keep those waiting in a happier disposition. As the majority of people carry a smartphone or wear a watch, it isn’t likely this is going to solve their customer service issues.

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The next time you find yourself running late after a quick browse of the shops, remember you aren’t solely to blame!

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