Double Strap Watch Edit

Watch trends are bringing double the fun with the popularity of double strap watch styles; your watch band is just as much about fashion as functionality. Watches with longer straps are designed to be worn wrapped round the wrist, using high quality leather straps made to be seen.

Working in harmony with the arm party trend, a double strap watch is the perfect addition for anyone wanting to bring together watches and jewellery for a high fashion look. Alternatively, it can be a worn as a timeless statement piece, versatile enough to work with casual and formal attire alike.

Originally inspired by the Cape Cod Hermes watch, today the double strap watch style is a staple for every self-confessed watch lover. A celebrity favourite, the double strap watch has been spotted on the arms of Princess Beatrice, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston and Reese Witherspoon to name a few.

Michel Herbelin Double Strap Edit

Here are some of the double strap models from the 5th Avenue collection by Michel Herbelin, all currently available at



Stainless Steel 5th Avenue Watch: 17137/01TAL


For girls that just want to have fun, Michel Herbelin has created this delightful double length strap watch. Understated, the strap is a versatile stone colour with white stitching which gives it a sophisticated look with a modern twist. The dial is a stylised silver with roman figures at 12, 3 and 6 and 9 and a stainless steel casing. Perfect for those who like to stick to a muted colour scheme and prefer a traditional style dial.


Stainless Steel 5th Avenue Watch: 17137/29TAL


Earthy tones meet clean and crisp styling; with a dial this clear you would never have an excuse to be late! The watch face is machine turned with black arabic numerals and the casing is a winning contrast against the double length wrap around taupe strap. A contemporary edge for those who like a touch of colour but truly value functionality.


                Stainless Steel 5th Avenue Double Length Strap Watch: Code: 17137/01BL


Hot on the tails of one of Spring/ Summer’s biggest trends, this beautifully bright blue double strap watch represents an air of dependability and reliability; qualities which you look for in a wristwatch. The contrasting white stitching is a stunning contrast to the vivid tone; its accentauted presence on the wrist ensures it is the first feature to draw the eye to the design.


Gold Plated 5th Avenue Watch: 17137/P59TAL


If you have more elaborate tastes and are able to appreciate the finer things in life, the gold plated 5th Avenue strap is the ideal choice. Unusually, the crown is as the 12 o’clock position which accentuates the clean, uninterrupted sides of the 18ct gold plated case. The dial is genuine white mother of pearl with arabic figures at 12 and 6 and 10 crystals set at the other hourly positions.


Stainless Steel 5th Avenue: 17137/59TAL


An irresistibly feminine option, this 5th Avenue model offers a dial made from natural white mother of pearl with steel Arabic numerals at the 12 at 6 positions. Offering a touch of sparkle, the 10 CZ crystals set at the remaining hourly markers, guaranteed to catch both the light and the eye. This is a fresh, new design that turns the normal perception of watch design on its head.

Which will you be adding to your collection?

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