Choosing a statement watch in 5 easy steps

What you wear on your wrist can say a lot about you. Like the car you drive or the brand of shoes you wear, there is greater significance to these coveted items than functionality. Of course prestigious brands are renowned for their quality and high levels of craftsmanship, but image plays equal importance when attracting new customers.

Today when watches are no longer considered an essential by everyone, they have taken on more importance in terms of a coveted and fashionable item of jewellery. Keeping in mind that a watch is most likely to be the focal or only piece of jewellery worn by a man, this is the perfect opportunity to make a statement.

With making a statement, often comes the significant price tag- a decision not to rush into. Here’s what to consider when looking for that special item of wrist wear.


1.       The Brand

In the watch world, a brand can say a lot about what you are wearing. A Rolex has long been associated with the rich and the famous, but the practical features still suggest that you need to keep track of things. A vintage watch shows you are stylish and slightly eccentric and like to be unique. A Michel Herbelin model shows that you respect quality and like things to be finished to a high standard. Your watch choice is projecting your image.

2.       The Appearance

Possibly the most important aspect. Your watch must reflect your own personal style, and be versatile enough to complement your existing wardrobe. Rushing straight into buying the first watch you like the look of isn’t the best way to go, it needs to make sense to you financially as well as have that all important emotional appeal. Unlike a car or a designer handbag, the right watch is an investment which will hold its value.

3.       The Metal

Gold watches have long signified success and have been the choice of the more distinguished man. Of course the more precious the metal, the more expensive it will be, and typically a gold watch will be heavier to wear. Rose gold has gained recent popularity, especially amongst the younger segment of watch wearers, but think about what would work best with your jewellery collection.

4.       Your Personality

Like anything fashion related, choose a watch which says something about you. Buying a fine watch should be an interesting avenue of self-expression and sends a message of status, individuality and self-esteem. If you are bright and bold, pick a watch which does the same, and for the more refined looking for a sensible choice, go for a beautiful classic which will add a touch of elegance.

5.       The Durability

You may be looking for a watch for its style credentials, but at the end of the day you want something which will last. This is even more important if you are sporty and need a watch to keep up with the physical demands you will be putting it through- a water resistant watch should withstand a pressure test of up to 100 metres.


No matter your style, take your time to find the right watch that speaks the highest of your taste and character- you’ll love every moment of wearing it.

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