Sweet as Honey – Golden Tone Watches

Antares and Fifth Avenue honey tones

Michel Herbelin French Watchmaking Studio taps into this season’s spiced honey trend with a camel-coloured strap. Paired with the timeless Antarès or the models in the 5th Avenue collection, this strap shade will warm up any outfit. Camel sets the tone at any hour of the day.

The elegant Antarès charms with its patented system of interchangeable straps. Personalised in a click, this watch adapts to the latest trends while maintaining a clean look with its steel case and silvered dial with Roman numerals.

Fifth Avenue watches are utterly feminine and play a subtle hand. The larger 25 mm cased version turns heads with a crown fitted at 12 o’clock on an open worked case. The second 20 mm version, although a more classic model, is no less elegant, showing off stylish codes for every hour of the day.

Like Michel Herbelin French watchmaking studio – an independent family-owned business – these timepieces are true to French tradition. Powered by a Swiss-made quartz movement and adorned with fine materials, these watches exude quality craftsmanship.


Models featured from left:

Antares Interchangeable

Model 17447/01NT

5 ATM water resistant


Fifth Avenue

Model 17437/12GO

3 ATM water resistant


Fifth Avenue

Model 17137/01MA

3 ATM water resistant


All models are fitted with sapphire crystal and have 5 ½ 751 Ronda Swiss Quartz movements.