Charlotte and Bruno: the story behind the image

When you see an advert for a product you love, as a consumer, you really want to believe that the characters in it are real. As an advertiser, it is your job to pick convincing people to help convey your message.  Wouldn’t it be easier if the people chosen for the advert were actually just doing their job? That’s what we thought!

Meet Charlotte and Bruno. They are real watchmakers in the Michel Herbelin studio in Charquemont, France. They have worked together for years and share the same love and passion for the watches they create.

Charlotte and Bruno  Watchmakers from the Michel Herbelin studio

Charlotte and Bruno
Watchmakers from the Michel Herbelin studio

Charlotte is 23 years old and already has 5 years experience as a watchmaker. After studying commerce, Charlotte chose to move into watchmaking, attending the renowned school in the area in Morteau (Doubs).At the age of 18, she joined Michel HERBELIN as part of her watchmaking CAP, thanks to her aunt and grandfather who both worked at Maison HERBELIN. Following her apprenticeship, she was hired to work in after-sales service and at the Atelier as a watchmaker.Assembling, hands setting, control, precision and mastery of watch parts have been a part of everyday life for over 5 years.

Bruno is 45 years old with 25 years experience working as a watchmaker with Michel Herbelin. Bruno joined the workshop at Michel HERBELIN through a family connection (his brother), in 1989.He briefly left the House for new adventures at a watch manufacturer located in the region, then returned in 1995. He joined the after-sales service at Michel HERBELIN as part of a qualification contract with one year of continued education.During this time, Bruno’s workshop manager passed on to him his watchmaking craftsmanship and expertise. Bruno succeeded him to become Head of After Sales Service in 2005.

Michel Herbelin AdvertBruno now uses his 25 years of unrivaled technical and watchmaking knowledge to teach a new generation of in-house watchmakers. One of whom is his son who is, in turn, serving an apprenticeship with Michel HERBELIN.

As you can imagine, Bruno is a lover of watches, he particularly likes the J Class collection, he says it is a ”very beautiful mechanical watch that marked his time ”. The family spirit, the rigour of the job and the new challenges, such as the arrival of the Newport Connect, enliven his daily life as an expert watchmaker and Director of the After Sales Service. Charlotte particularly likes working on the Newport, especially the chronograph models for their sporty design and the new ladies skeleton created for the 30 year anniversary of the range.

Charlotte and Bruno’s own family connections to the brand, echo the ethos of the Michel Herbelin work force, keeping family values at its core. The founder Michel Herbelin handed down his knowledge to his two sons Pierre-Michel and Jean-Claude and in turn, their sons, Maxime and Mathieu have taken up the challenge, in an increasingly competitive climate, to continue to fly the flag for family values in the world of watchmaking.