The Mystical Properties of Mother of Pearl

Long has mother of pearl been the dial material of choice for ladies watches. But is there more to it than meets the eye?

The dictionary definition of mother of pearl is ‘a hard iridescent substance, mostly calcium carbonate, that forms the inner layer of the shells of certain molluscs, such as the oyster.’ Made from the same outer coating as precious pearls, mother of pearl or ‘nacre’ (to give it it’s official title), is ‘secreted by the epithelial cells of the mantle tissue’ or natural inner lining that builds up on the inside of the shell of a mollusc. For such a mundane process, the beautiful results of the calcium carbonate layering seem incredible.

So why is nacre called mother of pearl? The mollusc shells, are the ‘mother’ from which pearls are ‘born.’ Therefore the lining is taken from the mother. Of course this assumes that each shell will create a pearl, but I think we can allow a little artistic licence.

Ladies Newport Chronograph models with mother of pearl dials

Ladies Newport Chronograph models with mother of pearl dials

As this creation of beauty is seemingly a natural phenomenon, there are a number of theories and myths that are associated with mother of pearl.

The mystical qualities of this miraculous material are meant to include the ability to heal the body and mind. It is thought that mother of pearl has the power to enhance your psychic sensitivity along with imaginative skill; shield the soul from the off-putting energies and transform them into positive ones; nurture and protect the wearer; rid the wearer of hurtful emotions and evoke a sense of harmony and balance. So where does all this positive energy come from? It is taken from the ocean bed during the layering process and therefore transfers positive the energies of the sea to the wearer.

So when you are considering your next watch purchase, remember that the addition of a mother of pearl dial could seriously improve your life!


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