How to use a chronograph watch


For those who demand a little more from a dress watch, a chronograph is a classic choice.  Whether you opt for something simple or sporty, you’ll benefit from precision timing and a stopwatch feature that will prove useful when you’re out training or want to cook your penne perfectly al dente.

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Michel Herbelin repairs and warranties guide

With each Michel Herbelin watch carefully hand made by expert watch makers, quality and durability is always kept in mind.

Michel Herbelin warranty

Made with precision and attention to detail at the Michel Herbelin factory in Charquemont France, each watch goes through rigorous testing before leaving the factory ensuring that Michel Herbelin’s high standards continue.

Containing Swiss movements, the interior workings of a Michel Herbelin watch are unique and complicated, and of the highest technical reliability. Founded on the principle of precision, Michel Herbelin believes a wrist watch should continue to be accurate and reliable throughout its lifetime.

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How does a watch define a man’s personality?

With such a diverse range of time pieces to pick from, what makes a man choose his ideal mate in the world of watches, and what does it say about him?

The watch is more than an accessory. Unlike the ring or the chain, the watch involves complex engineering and craftsmanship. A man’s time is his own, and a time piece of unique grandeur demonstrates this fact.

A watch makes a bigger statement of a man’s class, style and life choices than any other item on his person. A man offers his hand upon meeting new clients and associates, and instantly represents and expresses himself through the statement that catches eyes which rests upon his wrist.  It also shows how much a person values a watch and whether they have an interest in horology.

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Buying a watch online vs buying in store


Last year it was estimated that around 2 billion people are using the internet; long gone are the days of internet usage just for keeping in touch or having fun.  People are using the internet for browsing and buying everything online from groceries to cars.

Watches are no exception; people like the convenience of being able to look at the options and compare prices from their armchairs or even on the move, but with high end products such as good quality watches, is buying online as reliable as buying in store?

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