Everyday Places with No Concept of Time

Find yourself losing track of time on a regular basis? No matter how brilliant a time keeper you may be, there are instances where all of us find ourselves running a little behind schedule. Before you offer your apologies, you might not always be the one to blame. Clever marketers out there have taken advantage of a captive audience, removing all clocks so you lose sense of time; meaning that you spend more money and more time at their establishment.

Here are some places where unless you’ve brought your trusty wrist watch along for the ride, you’ll have no concept of the time whatsoever.

Las Vegas Casinos

Defrain-starsAs one of their sneaky tricks which aims to keep casino users laying down their money for as long as possible, casinos don’t place clocks on their walls. Combined with the lack of windows, day can quickly turn into night and a full bank account can quickly become an empty one. Don’t expect the dealer to keep track of time either- they aren’t allowed to wear a watch as part of their job.

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How To Estimate Time Using Your Hand

Picture this. You’ve forgotten to wear your watch and you find yourself in a remote location where battery life and an internet connection are completely alien concepts. Time is still very much of the essence; you need to head back before sunset. Luckily sophisticated gadgets don’t need to be your saviour, we all have something which can help us in a situation such as this- our hand.

Get back to basics by using your hand as a time telling device- here’s how.

 Estimating remaining daylight with your hand   Imgur

* http://imgur.com/onira

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The 3 Most Important Horologists in History

Without horologists there would be no next generation of time pieces, a lack of knowledge on influential milestones and no experts on hand to make and repair time pieces of all shapes and sizes, be it clocks, watches or chronometers.

Requiring a great deal of patience and skill, this line of work is demanding and only for those who are committed to becoming an expert in the field. After all, what would man do without the ability to record time?

Some have managed to push the boundaries to become pioneers in their field, being truly influential in how most timepieces operate today. We take a look at the leading horologists who can be described as the biggest and best in history.

Abraham-Louis Breguet


* en.wikipedia.org

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