Classic Valentine’s Watches for The Loved up Lady and Gentleman

14Th February is the perfect day to show the loved one in your life how much you care, but this doesn’t mean it has to be all about off the shelf chocolates and flowers. Despite being obvious choices, they are options which won’t last the test of time or in some cases, even to the end of the week.

Instead, a more practical and timeless gift such as a watch is something which can be treasured every day of the year. After all, when would an expertly handcrafted watch not be appreciated? Although Valentine’s Day is about showing your love to others, there is no reason why you shouldn’t indulge yourself at the same time.

This is why Michel Herbelin is spoiling you this Valentine’s Day by offering you a 50% discount when you purchase any pair of watches from the specially selected His and Hers collection.


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How to clean your watch at home

Well-loved watches can easily lose their shine with every day wear and tear. Dirt and oils transferred from the skin combined with residue left from products can cause an unpleasant build-up on the band of your trusty wrist watch. Keeping your watch clean is good not only for the aesthetic appeal but to keep it in good working order- after all, don’t you think your favourite watch requires some TLC?

How you clean your watch depends on the make and model, but all watches benefit from regular attention.

Here’s what Michel Herbelin’s expert watch maker recommends.

MH auto


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Choosing a statement watch in 5 easy steps

What you wear on your wrist can say a lot about you. Like the car you drive or the brand of shoes you wear, there is greater significance to these coveted items than functionality. Of course prestigious brands are renowned for their quality and high levels of craftsmanship, but image plays equal importance when attracting new customers.

Today when watches are no longer considered an essential by everyone, they have taken on more importance in terms of a coveted and fashionable item of jewellery. Keeping in mind that a watch is most likely to be the focal or only piece of jewellery worn by a man, this is the perfect opportunity to make a statement.

With making a statement, often comes the significant price tag- a decision not to rush into. Here’s what to consider when looking for that special item of wrist wear.

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