Watch Etiquette: Six Tips on How and When to Wear a Watch

With so many stylish choices available from bold, modern models with a technical twist to the more classic and refined option, it can be confusing how to match your favourite time piece to the right occasion.

Today, it is mostly acceptable to wear a watch in almost any social occasion as part of a sophisticated ensemble. However, like any kind of dress code, there is a considered etiquette associated with wearing a wrist watch.

Here are the main things to keep in mind to make sure that your watch meets all style requirements:

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Top Five Watch Blogs- Our Pick of the Bunch

A classic watch is the perfect accessory to any outfit and adds a sophisticated, elegant touch in a world saturated with high tech gadgets. Whether you are a wrist watch enthusiast or a first time buyer looking for an investment piece, it can be difficult to make a decision on your next purchase with such an abundance of brands and models to choose from.

Luckily, those passionate about all things wrist watch related have create places for discussion, advice and news online, providing instant access to information allowing you to make informed choices.

We’ve picked out our top five watch blogs for you to enjoy:

A Blog To Watch


Claiming to be the “world’s most popular watch blog with watch reviews, industry information and buying guides”, A Blog To Watch is a go to source to answer anything watch related. The watch buying guide is particularly useful for those who are looking for their first watch, and it is conveniently broken down into price ranges to suit all budgets. You can even add to your collection for free if you are lucky enough to win the monthly competition!

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Importance of a Watch Service: Your Questions Answered

Like any investment you may make, a commitment doesn’t end once you’ve handed over the money for a new prized possession. Just like a car or the latest technology, an expertly crafted timepiece will have been finely engineered and to maximise its performance regular maintenance is required.

Some assume that if their watch is still ticking that everything is how it should be, however, this is not necessarily true. The day to day movement of parts can cause friction, leading to a deterioration in performance and a breakdown in the oil required for the smooth running of interior functions.

In order to safeguard the longevity of your investment, an interest and obligation is required from a watch owner in terms of regular maintenance, meaning that your watch stays dependable and enjoyable for not only you but generations to come. This is where a watch service is instrumental to the correct running of your time piece.

Watch Servicing

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