Trends and Good Design- What to expect from Baselworld 2013 “Brilliance Meets”

With “BRILLIANCE MEETS” – BASELWORLD 2013 World Watch and Jewellery Show just around the corner, all the world’s major watch brands will shortly be unveiling their latest innovations and creations. The media will be scrambling to compile edits of the main trends, to be the first to reveal what the latest hot styles and materials are.

In recent years we have seen across the board trends such as oversized watches for women, the use of new materials such as ceramic and the revival of yellow and rose gold watches.

As trends in the fashion industry are closely reflected in the watch and jewellery industry we are expecting to see the current trend for monochrome in full force with black IP treated steel and black and white ceramic watches being launched by many brands.

Michel Herbelin Newport watch ref. 36695/BN14

Michel Herbelin Newport watch ref. 36695/BN14

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